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HP4396B Save Display Screen and Transfer File to PC



I am student research assistant using an existing Labview driver for my HP 4396B analyzer.  It is capability of performing a Sweep, capturing the data, then transferring it to a *.txt file.  My next task is capturing a screen shot of the analyzer screen in TIFF format then transferring it to my PC.  There is a iBASIC code given by the Agilent-HP Programming guide as shown in the attachment.  My problem comes from using this code's logic and creating a labview application from it.  Currently using a  built in function command SAVDTIF 'C:\TEMP.TIF' to capture the screen image onto the analyzer.  I have been unsuccessful in executing the correct order of steps to transfer the binary data from the analyzer file to a new file in labview.  


If anyone could walk me through this and give me other resources to understand instrument programming, that'd be amazing.


Thank you!

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Using a simple LabVIEW XY graph is much easier to build a nice graph from the datapoints than downloading a bad display picture.

It is probably easier to make a picture with your phone from the screen as illustration.

greetings from the Netherlands
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Can you send to me the drivers of this VNA, if you have??

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