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HP4284A Frequency Sweep with frequency points read from a tab delimited excel or lvm file

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hi guys,

i've the same problem, but this time with dc bias current setting. i want to set bias current step by step and read L measurement and finally make an array from L-i.

i need some help


ps: i attach my vi, so you can see what i actually did

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Hello to everybody, 


I have a problem with the reading of the frequency on the HP4284A. I know that I can use only a limited number of frequencies (for example if a set 780 KHz the instrument make the measure at 800 KHz), but I don't know how to read the exact frequency (I want to save the 800 KHz value and not the 780 Khz)..... In the default VI the script give in output only primary and secondary value..... I can add the correct frequency lecture???


Thank you to all people can help me!

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