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Ghost GPIB instrument in NI-MAX



I recommend reading the previous posts as they found possible solutions to this issue.


If those steps do not work, I recommend creating a new forum post instead of posting to an old thread.  This will increase the amount of traffic you get across your post.

Niki Budgell | Product Planner - SW Management | NI
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Hi @Pankaj,

Thanks for sharing. It happened to me with 2 ghost GPIB instruments detected with no physical / hardware connection. After running the "VISA Find Resource" function in LabVIEW, it resets the instrument detection, thus automatically deleting them. Thanks much. 

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I uninstall the software and install again NI-488.2 version 18.5 after 35 minutes i installed ,,, but up and the same problem ,,, the moment you open NI there are 20 GPIB Ghost again,,,, not even a new install fix the problem ,, this is a job for the Engineers in National Instruments , hope this happen soon 

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