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Genuine NI GPIB-USB-HS warning message


Use an earlier driver that doesn't block your hardware:

"NI4882_1700f0.exe Driver or earlier will work."

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If the error reads that the resource is connected through a non-genuine interface, then it appears the device you have purchased is counterfeit. Where did you acquire the device?

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Thank you, I did revert back to an older version and it works now. I don't know where the GPIB adapter was purchased but I am surprised that the I was able to register the serial number on the NI website if it is not genuine NI. 

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NI has removed NI 488.2 17.0 for windows from it's downloads page. From what I'm reading on this forum this is the only windows 10 compatible driver that will recognize my GPIB-USB-HS as genuine. How do we communicate to NI to re-instate it?

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Hi ransom,


As per this KnowledgeBase article, NI has removed all versions of 488.2 prior to 17.6 to promote quality and integrity in the data collected by NI GPIB devices. If you would like to troubleshoot a genuine GPIB device showing as non-genuine, or if you need an older version of 488.2 for a specific software setup, feel free to contact NI support.

Melanie P.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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I have several legacy GPIB-USB-HS (3 or 4). 3 of those showed same warning. Only one was ok (no warnings at all). I called NI support and they told me the SN were not recorded as GPIB-USB-HS in NI system. Could be bought not directly from NI. 

Maybe you guys can all NI and ask them to check the SN first. 

I will upgrade my driver to version 19 and try again with the "good" one. 


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