Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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GPIB training


I've been using Lab Windows for about 17 years now.  For the most part I communicate with measurement instruments via GPIB,  I've written a GPIB module that uses asynchronous call backs and speaks to a multitude of instruments.  Still, once in a while, a glitch occurs on a long test and communications fail.  I'd like to write some routines to correct errors.  I'm sure GPIB has many more capabilities than what I'm using.  Is there a place where I can really learn everything there is to know about GPIB?

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It sounds like you may be more experienced than this but a good starting place is this tutorial about GPIB.


If that is not low level enough for you I would suggest studying the protocol itself IEEE 488.2.


Hopefully, that provides the information you want. 


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