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GPIB timeout ignored when ENET network drops

We have a LabVIEW application that uses GPIB write and GPIB read to communicate with a meter using an NI ENET.  This has worked for many years.  Recently, we discovered when the network connection to the ENET is disconnected, the GPIB write and GPIB read will hang and never timeout, no matter what value is wired the GPIB write or GPIB read timeout input.  This requires using Task Manger to stop and exit the LabVIEW application before the program can continue.


Is there any way to detect the ENET is no longer connected and if so to then force the GPIB write or read to abort so the program can continue without having to use the Task Manager to abort the program?


This is an issue with both ENET/100 and ENET/1000.

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Hello, dmccarter

There is no special settings for that condition. You need to add some logic in your LV program, for example case structure or while loop to stop read and write when there is no data transfer


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