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GPIB setup as old HP85

I have an old instrument I need to read from continuously and have used an
old HT-Basic program on an old DOS PC; I think it is equivalent to the BASIC
on the old HP85 "computers".

The minimal program is extremely simple
10 Assign @bridge to 708
20 Enter 708;s$
30 Print s$
40 Goto 20
50 End

Now I want to read this instrument from a new computer using a NI
AT-GPIB/TNT adapter under Windows 95. But I can't get it to work. Eventually
I want to read from LabView or LabWindows, but I am testing just using IBIC.
I can initalize OK and I can read one time, but if I try to read again, the
bus is blocked. If I issue an empty command to the instrument between reads,
I can a new value, but for some reason the instrument is affected (brid
balance goes off) when it receives a GPIB command. I wanted simply to read,
read, read, ...I have tried a lot of combination of settings for EOS and
EOI, but no progress.

Any ideas as to the most simple setup parameter for ibdev or how I can
discover the "secret settings" used by the old HT-Basic setup?


Hans D. Jensen
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