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GPIB-USB and Matlab

Re: GPIB-USB and Matlab

What is an 89090A. A search of Agilent's site did not return any results.


Can you attach the programming manual or something that explains the command you are sending? Typically, a query is terminated with a ? so the read timeout would be expected, though the fact that it does not support *IDN? could mean that the instrument has no standard programming interface at all. You obviously can run only queries that are listed in the manual.

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Re: GPIB-USB and Matlab

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Re: GPIB-USB and Matlab

Okay, I searched test and measurement.


From your screen shot, it does not look like you are sending the correct terminator. By default, only EOI is sent.

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Re: GPIB-USB and Matlab

So what should I do? What am I supposed to send?

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Re: GPIB-USB and Matlab

Append a LF or CR/LF as described in the manual.

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Re: GPIB-USB and Matlab

Sorry I am not familiar with the abbreviations ... what does that mean??? can you point me to the page of the manual?

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Re: GPIB-USB and Matlab

ok you mean this? What am I supposed to do with it?


I typed in "REM ON" and still gives me the error


[ on | off ] 
[ on | off ] <CR> <LF and EOI>
This instruction is used to switch remote mode on and off. With REM ON the 
temperature control unit is set in a remote mode. In this remote state the 
keyboard is disabled for all inputs (only the UP , DOWN , and CLEAR  keys are 
accepted). The ENTER  key is only accepted within the remote function context, 
that is to change the display for system and main functions and to reset 
remote to off. However, the function REMOTE ON, which is selected, can be used 
to reset to REMOTE OFF instead of using the REM OFF command, (see also 
“Remote Mode” on page 88). 
Reply Description 
The REM instruction without parameters returns a string which represents the 
current state of the temperature control unit:  
on = remote mode 
off = normal mode  
See “CSM – Agilent ChemStation Mode” on page 98 for interpreting the reply 
when using the CSM command. 
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Re: GPIB-USB and Matlab

In MAX, use \r and \n for carriage return and line feed.
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Re: GPIB-USB and Matlab

Where am I supposed to edit the codes? I still don't understand... 


I'm still referring to this error btw:


Screen Shot 2012-02-14 at 2.44.50 PM.png

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Re: GPIB-USB and Matlab

I use VISA but I believe the 488 tool works the same way - simply type in the control characters after the command string.


You also have the EOS configuration there and on the GPIB properties page.

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