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GPIB-USB-HS+ hangs



I am having an intermittent problem with a GPIB-USB-HS+. It hangs very occasionally in a call to VISA. The timeout on the call has already expired for a long time, so my first thoughts were that it's a driver issue. However, upgrading from the 2014 drivers to the latest ones did not help.


I have now replaced it with a GPIB-USB-HS (without +). So far it works well. Has anyone else seen this problem before, or am I just having a faulty device?


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I've had this sort of problem with the GPIB-USB-HS Win7 + Win10 when I haven't disabled the USB suspend settings disabled.  Here's how to disable USB suspend -


Its a real pain.  I moved from a WinXP to Win7 system and re used existing code that had run for years.  But it mysteriously failed at odd times.  I switched to a PCI GPIB card and it worked...that's when I started to blame the USB ports and found the solution.


Hope this helps.



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Well, after the replacement of the GPIB-USB-HS+ with a GPIB-USB-HS not a single hang has occured since.


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I have the same problem with a GPIB-USB-HS+ as compared to a GPIB-USB-HS. 


The problem is "solved" if the NI I/O Trace is running at the background. 

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What does this mean or how do you set up the "NI I/O Trace running in background"

The problem is "solved" if the NI I/O Trace is running at the background.


Same problem here.  GPIB-USB-HS always works but GPIB-USB-HS+ and GPIB-PCI will hang-up and not be responsive after 2-3 days.

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