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GPIB-USB-HS error -37051, -37052, -37053

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I had a VI that was having errors every few hours (see attached "Keithley2700-7700_4point-and-TC (GPIB commands for enhanced stability)").  This VI and sub VIs originally had a bunch of VISA read/write which I thought might be the issue, so I replaced them with GPIB read/writes.  Afterwards, it still had an error after 5 hours.


I experimented with resetting the buffer every loop iteration and preformed DCL and IFC commands (removed from attached vi files, replaced with addressed GPIB CLR function), performed steps to reset if communication error with the GPIB-USB-HS(, prevented the USB power from being turned off (, but now I can't communicate with my GPIB-USB-HS converter.  I've tried to do both the MAX resets (hardware and software) for the GPIB-USB-HS, which seem to go through, but the self-test is bringing up Error -37501, -37502, or -37503.  At one point I got an error to come up in Interactive Control but can't remember for sure what it was (8000 EDVR 0, I believe).


Could anybody tell me how to get my GPIB-USB-HS working again?  I'm hoping if it's good to go everything will run better.  


Note:  I've also purchased (not yet received) Ferrite cores for the USB cable which was suggested in 6th comment down (

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UPDATE:  I have since force reinstalled ( LabVIEW 2017, NI 488.2 17.0, and NI VISA 17.5.  Still, when I perform self test on the GPIB-USB-HS adapter error -37503 or -37502 or -37501 still comes up.  


If I open Interactive Control and command-- ibwrt "*IDN?"  -- I get an error [8000] EDVR (0xe1080080)


When I scan for instruments, the MAX software and GPIB-USB-HS freeze.  If I open task manager and manually end task MAX, the GPIB-USB-HS will remain frozen (active light solid green) and this can only be reset by disabling the device is Windows Device Manager.  


All of this sounds weird enough, but when I then enable the GPIB-USB-HS in Windows Device Manager it seems to work and brings up the same errors as always when I open MAX (nothing changed).  The only difference is after the enable now my Windows Device Manager freezes.  I can prevent this frozen pane only by manually unplugging the GPIB-USB-HS adapter (even end task doesn't work).


The adapter has the same basic issues with another computer which has older versions of LabVIEW, MAX, etc..  This computer currently uses a different GPIB-USB-HS converter without difficulty.


I'm starting to think the issue is with my GPIB-USB-HS adapter, but I just bought it from the National Instruments store on Amazon.



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Accepted by SugarBaddie

The GPIB-USB-HS I purchased was from an Amazon retailer (National Instrumens not National Instruments) and appeared to carry malicious code.


While troubleshooting I temporarily turned off my firewall and that's when it became clear whenever anything interacted with the GPIB-USB-HS, it would freeze up.   In the last few hours my computer died while trying to perform a system restore.

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There have been instances of counterfeit NI GPIB-USB-HS hardware reported before:



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