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GPIB-USB-HS+ communication between 2 PCs

In an attempt to upgrade from windows XP to Windows 10. In XP I have some code that communicates over GPIB to GPIB and I want to switch over to GPIB-USB-HS+. Would I have to convert the communication from the GPIB to USB calls on the USB end of the connection? Is it possible to get communication between two PCs running Windows 10, when one end has the PCIe card and the other USB?


What I have:

TWO Windows 10 PCs



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USB interface is transparent for you and in MAX you will see it as 'GPIB port'.


When drivers are installed for software it is doesn't mater if GPIB port is on USB or PCI or PXI or ...


You will have to check that on new PC GPIB port has same address. When not then you will have to change it in the MAX or call different port no in your software.

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