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GPIB-USB-HS Windows 7 can not load device drfiver for the hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing Code 39

The driver is version 3.1.0,49154 and when I go to Update Driver message returns I have the most current. In NI-MAX the GPIB shows in device and instruments.


How can I get Win 7 to load the driver?

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The latest appears to be 3.1.2.

When do you get this message?
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Yesterday but thanks as I will try the link you supplied

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I did mean when as in time but when as to what program are you using when you get the error message.
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It is in Win 7. Control Panel, System.Device Manager

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I am still experiencing the same issue after uninstalling and installing version for the GPIB-USB-HS. NI-MAX shows the device but in Windows 7 Device Manage it has a yellow triangle

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have you tried using the device on another PC? if so, does the device work? 


additionally, have you tried installing the latest version of NI 488?



Haley N
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I tried to install on another PC and used The lastest version and all is clean in Device Manager.


Next step uninstall device and anything related to NI or VISA. Do you have any other suggestion?

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a clean install of NI software is a good next step, and we can base further troubleshooting off of those results. 

Haley N
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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