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GPIB-USB-A, 184983G-01:What driver can I use?

I ahve updated to Labview 8.0 on a PC using Windows XP and am no longer able to see any GPIB devices.  I do not have the CD which came with the USB-to-GPIB converter I am using.  Is there a driver I can download that works with the GPIB-USB-A,part no:184983G-01?

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Here is the link to the drivers you will need to make it work...

You will download both NI-488.2 and NI-VISA drivers.

Good luck,


Arjun K

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Hi Arjun,


The links does not work anymore

We have same device here: GPIB-USB-A with Part No: 184983G-01, Serial: C8CEB1


Kindly help us to find the right driver for this old device that still should work on 32 bit machines.

It would really help us as it is very difficult to find this old drivers on the internet these days.

I know there is a GPIB-USB-HS now, but currently we don't have this device, but have the GPIB-USB-A that is still working. And we urgently need a working device. 


Kind regards,

Robert Kousbroek

TTMS Service

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Please refer to the link below.

Eventually you will need to contact NI support to get an older driver.


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