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GPIB-Enet 100 - IP Address


I have a problem with the GPIB-Enet100 IP address configuration.


I've changed the IP address using the Measurment & Automation Explorer, and if I right-click on the device and select Device Configuration the software detects the hardware on the subnet, and it has the IP address I entered before. When I "ping" the device using the new adrress it's OK, it's responding.


But in the main window of the Measurement & Automation Explorer, when I select my device on the left, in the GPIB Interface Properties on the right it still shows the original address and doesn't indicate the serial number. But device is working properly : all connected instruments are listed.


So device seems to work properly, connected instruments are recognised, but my test software isn't able to fond the connected instruments, so I suppose that the problem comes from this different IP address.




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