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GPIB/ENET 1000 not seen by NI MAX


I am trying to link to a GPIB/ENET 1000 via IP address, but NI MAX cannot even see it (see image), even by looking for the actual IP Address, although the PC can ping it (see image). I was used to be able to, but I lost the capability at some point last year.

Anybody has suggestions about what Windows 10 PC configurations might prevent the instrument from being discovered in NI MAX ?GPIB-ENET_2.PNGGPIB-ENET_4.PNG

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You might want to make sure that you have the correct drivers.  Some of the GPIB devices fell off of the support chain, ENET/1000 is not there yet.


For example ENET/100 devices can not be used with LV more current than 2017 and the the 488.2 driver has to be earlier than 17.0.  GPIB-USB-B devices became obsolete after LV2017.


488.2 to hardware to drivers indicates that you have lots of choices


488.2 driver to LabVIEW indicates has less choices


LV version     Driver versions

2020              20.0

2019              20.0, 19.5, 19.0

2018              20.0, 19.5, 19.0 18.5


For completeness here is a table for LV and operating systems







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I have encountered and solved a similar issue. For me, MAX gave the error “the selected interface could not be added to the system” when trying to add the device. Have you verified that the device is on the same subnet as the computer you are using? If so, you might just need to re-add the device in MAX by manually entering the IP address in the GPIB Ethernet Wizard. You may need to attach the device directly to your computer to configure it. 

If that doesn't work, reset the device, make sure it is on the same subnet, and follow the steps below: 


  1. Hold the CFG button and turn on the device.
  2. Wait for the READY light to stop blinking orange - will be solid green when ready.
  3. Set the computer IP address to 169.254.x.x - NOTE the last number of the IP address cannot be 0. 1 through 254 are valid
  4. Set computer Subnet Mask to or
  5. Set DNS and Default Gateway as needed - If not using leave blank.
  6. In MAX Click “Add network device - Add GPIB Ethernet Device”
  7. Click NEXT through to the “Choose available GPIB Ethernet Device” screen
  8. Set to “specify a GPIB device - Browse local subnet”
  9. The wizard will search for the device. If it is not found, verify the IP address you set for the computer. NOTE: A Subnet Mask of may not work for the initial config. Try if the device still cannot be found. All settings can be changed after the device is added to MAX.
  10. The wizard will verify the device functions properly
  11. Set the IP address of the device - must be on the same subnet as computer - NOTE if the subnet mask is the first 2 IP address numbers must match. If subnet mask is the first 3 numbers must match
  12. Set subnet mask of device same as the computer
  13. Set Default Gateway of device - if not using you still must set this as the same subnet as the IP address. The 3rd and 4th value cannot be 0. You will get an error “Ethernet settings are invalid”
  14. Click next - the default password is pass
  15. You will get an error “The selected interface could not be added to the system.”
  16. It will ask you if you want to add another device - click YES
  17. Go through the steps again but add the IP address you just set for the device manually when asked.
  18. The wizard should add the device in MAX
  19. All the settings can be changed but you will need to add the device in MAX again using the new settings. Add by IP address manually.

This was done on Windows 10 - MAX version 18.5. If the IP address is not known, or if the device has a password different from the default, then the device will need to be reset.

If you need any additional information or manuals for this part number, you can find it here at Apex Waves! GPIB-ENET-1000 

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