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GPIB-ENET/1000 LAN Cable


I am trying to set up GPIB_ENET/1000 on a windows 10 PC. I am not sure (As it is not very clear in the manual)  I have to use cross-over LAN cable or straight LAN cable from my PC LAN port to GPIB-ENET.



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If you're connecting directly to a PC, use an Ethernet cross-over cable and a direct cable if connecting to an ethernet hub or router.


If you got a local network, just use a regular ethernet cable to connect the GPIB-ENET to the ethernet socket.



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Below image shows details of my board

I followed the steps described in GPIB-ENET-100_install_notes document but not able to talk to  GPIB-ENET board. After CFG reset, how to find IP address of GPIB_ENET1000?. I tried ping NIENET12188D9 and not getting connected.

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The board I have is "Revision 1.1" and is almost 10 years old. As I am using Windows 10 to talk to it, just wondering whether my GPIB-ENET supports Windows 10?

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