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GPIB Communication in Visual Basic 2008 under Win7



I have a measurement program in Visual Basic 2008 that communicates over GPIB with the instruments. This runs fine under Windows XP.


Under Windows 7 I have no built-in GPIB card but an USB/GPIB adapter. I checked the communication with "Agilent Communication Tester" and it worked, but the measurement program cannot build up a communication.


In the debugger I have found that the constructor for the GPIB driver fails. I can chose one out of two driver DLLs: "LangInt.dll" and "Ivi.Visa.Interop.dll". Both of them fail.


Are these DLLs not suitable for Windows 7 or for the USB/GPIB adapter? Which driver should I use else?


Thanks RR

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Hi Ralph,


can you please post the driver versions you use at the moment as well as the name of the GPIB adapter.

Best regards,
Melanie Eisfeld
Senior Applications Engineer, National Instruments Germany
Certified LabVIEW Developer
Certified TestStand Architect
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Hello Melanie


Thank you for the answer. Sorry for being late. I waited the first days and then gave up.


Meanwhile I found the solution. On opening the device also subaddresses are opened but the Agilent driver which I used does not support subaddresses. On the XP system was a NI driver that supported subaddresses.

So the problem was not as I thought first the migration to win7 and I could bypass it.



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