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GPIB-CPU Timing Issue (Generic I/O error)



I'm currently working on the development of a Flash Photolysis instrument using Labview 2009 and have recently upgraded our computer but have run into some issues. At random points there is a generic I/O error within the, but the errors do not occur when using the lamp tool. After doing some research I have found that upgrading our computer has caused some timing issues where the instrument and the computer are not communicating properly.


I was curious if anyone has had experience in changing the PCI-GPIB card settings so that the instrument will ping properly with the computer and fix this timing issue.



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That kind of timing issues is probably more a question of bad programming (race conditions, and not using the error lines).

Ofte these come up when moving to a new cpu but to be sure you need to send the program.

You can attach a zip file with all of your program.

greetings from the Netherlands
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I believe you're right! I've found that my error occurs at the GPIBwrite command, would the two strings here cause a race condition during the writing process?

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This vi is ok. All wires that are connected to a function or subvi are guaranteed to have a value before the function or subvi is executed.
Search for local variables and value property nodes, these are very prone to race conditions.
greetings from the Netherlands
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