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GPIB - 1073807202 error - working in NI MAX



I have a test setup where I control a high voltage source via GPIB. The labview program is running as an executable and laview 2018 RTE is installed. We've started the program no already several times and most of the time it is working fine but I've now encountered for the third time already that error 1073807202: : A Code Library Required by NI-VISA Could Not Be Located is popping up when the program starts.

The only way to get rid of this error is to reinstall the visa drivers or the reset the configuration data in NI MAX. The strange thing is that the device is visible in NI MAX and that even the communication is working in NI MAX.

The HV source is not SCPI compliant and doesn't responds properly to *IDN? and I have a proper handling of the visa session in the program by opening and closing it at the start and end of the program.

I also checked this: but it doens't seem to point to any direction.

My main problem is also that I don't have any admin rights on the system and I always need to contact IT to help solving it.


Anyone has an idea how to troubleshoot or workaround this?

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What NI drivers or packages do you have on the PC?
From what I see that error code is linked to a missing VISA library or code, to be on the same page can you send me a screenshot of the error you get?

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Hereby a list with all the labview software installed on the system.

We've found a work-around and that is when starting up the system, turn on the other hardware a few seconds after bitlocker code is entered and windows is starting up.

We've now a second system with the same problems and the same work-around seems to work. This system has 3 USB-converters connected to it, 1 FDTI USB RS232  adapter and 2x

And now the absolute strange thing, when the issue occurs on this system, one of the pfeiffer USB RS 485 converter is working and communicating, the other 2 USB (so 1 rs 232 FDTI converter and 1 pfeiffer USB RS 485) is throwing this error '-1073807202'  A Code Library Required by NI-VISA Could Not Be Located. Which is really strange as it has found the code library for the working USB RS 485 converter.




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Okay, things ring a bell.


On another thread, the user found a root cause to a similar weird hangup to the USB-RS232 converter driver and upgrading the driver fixes it. In your case, those drivers might be malfunctioning and it VISA requires those drivers in order to communicate, now, it errors that it could not locate the "code Library required by NI-VISA" which is the driver. 

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