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GPBIB Timeouts with PCI card



I'm getting timeouts when using a PCI card but everything is OK with a PCMCIA card.

I believe this is related to bus speed but it doesn't improve when I change the timing.


I am using driver 2.5.2 is there an updated driver for this problem?

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What model PCI card?  This often happens when swapping from NI controllers to controllers manufactured by other vendors.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Hey Dave,


Would it be possible have a look at your code? Sounds to me like that card is waiting for a signal but not recieving it?


Andrew George @ NI UK
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thanks for both responses.

The Card is an NI PCI.

I don't have the code but attached is an NI spy log in csv format with -410/420 error


Any insight would be appreciated.


Bear in mind this error only appears with a PCI card, PCMCIA is fine.

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Hey Dave,


There is another forum post I would like you to check out, the error can be caused by improper termination. Check this post out and let me know if it helps:


Andrew George @ NI UK
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Thanks for the respone.


We are looking into the termination as not being handled correctly when we get a system error but it's the system error - timeout- in the first instance that is the problem.


I will let you know how things are going.




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