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Error when invoking VISA32 service viOpen

I am running Visual Basic 6 on WindowsXP Professional(SP3). We have a NI VME board PCI-MXI-2 produced in 2004. I have downloaded NIVISA version 14.0. I get the error "Insufficient location information or the resource is not present in the system" while making a viOpen call in VISA32.dll. This is the second VISA library call that I make, the first one being to viOpen DefaultRM, which works without error. Can you suggest how I might resolve this problem?

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I did some researche and I think I have found the source of my problem. Firstly, the board is VME-MXI-2 which is a VME board extender. I realized that I had to configure the board before trying to use it. The system has not been used for many years but I have found a users manual. Years ago an NI utility VXI Plug and Play was used to do the configuration. This consisted of defining the I/O as 32 bit and selecting VXIO::256::INSTR as the control type. There was a window created on the PC that allowed the input of a bus address and a data value which could be either written or read. I believe this utility ran on WindowsNT. We now use WindowsXP professional and need to do the same setup with the same interface. What NI software is capable of doing this? Is there a version of VXI Plug and Play which runs on WindowsXP? Thanks in advance.

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