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Error trying to read voltage/current off Keithly 24xx. Help!

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Hi all,


I'm trying to program the power supply (keithley 24xx) to set and output a voltage for a given amount of time.  I wrote this all out on labview, and it works fine.  I then added the ability to read and display the output voltage and output current on my front panel.  Ater I did this, after the end of the alloted run time, I would get a beep and this Error:



Keithley 24XX.lvlib:Error<ERR>
Instrument reports:
803,"Not permitted with OUTPUT off"
0,"No error"


<b>Complete call chain:</b>
     Keithley 24XX.lvlib:Error
     Keithley 24XX.lvlib:Read (Multiple Points).vi
     Keithley 24XX.lvlib:Read (Single Point).vi




my guess is that the output shuts off while the read is still running, creating this error.  I've been trying to figure out how to solve this problem with no luck.  Any ideas?  I've attached a screencap of the programming



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You are shutting it off before the read happens. When the time has elapsed goes true, the output is shut off. Why do you even have the enable output inside the loop? Make it the first function outside the loop so that it is called after the loop stops.

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The reason I kept the output in the while loop is because I am looking for the ability for the voltage/current limit to be adjustable while the program is still running.  I've tried pulling the output out of the while loop, both in front and behind the read.  When I do so, the error still happens because of the fact that the output needs to be on in order for it to read.  When i put it before or after, there is still a period that the output is off while it is still reading.


I might have misunderstood what you were trying to say, so I've attached another screenshot.  Is that what you were suggesting?

(Sorry for the questions, I'm really new to labview and the graphical programming)


Thanks again

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It looks like you made good progress in you're other thread found here.


The output must be enabled before the read, and the read must check that the output is still enabled every time it runs. The setup you have in the other thread looks like it achieves this, but still has some other issues. Let's resolve those there.

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