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Error in Fluke PM6680B driver

Just so someone can fix it the driver sends the incorrect string for the configure time interval command. It sends :CONF:FREQ:TINT (@1), (@2) and the correct command is  :CONF:TINT (@1), (@2) if you are using IN A to start and IN B to stop. Fluke has it wrong in the manual and that's probably where this error came from. It's a simple fix but it looks like what the manual says so it's though to see.

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If your post was in the interest of sharing your knowledge about the error - I appreciate it. I would recomment to add a detailed reply with the fixed VIs and the driver versions you found the bug and mark it as answered.


If your post was to tell someone to fix it in the driver, I am afraid the developers of the driver in Fluke would even take a look at NI forum for feedback, best to reach out directly to Fluke for that.


FYI - NI does not develop these drivers, the manufacturers develop drivers and share it on IDNet for the benefit of LabVIEW userbase.

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