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Error connecting to GPIB driver or device

I am working with a GPIB card of Adlink (3488A) to communicate with an Oscilloscope. First I used windows XP-32 bit with LabVIEW 8.5. There was no problem. Second I tried to do the same thing on Windows 7-64 bit. The Driver is recognized in windows, I can communicate with devices through the prepared software of Adlink and I can send and receive data from NI VISA Interactive Control, but inside of LabVIEW I cannot do any thing!!!

all the time I have this error:


LabVIEW: Error connecting to GPIB driver or devices.


NI-488: Error connecting to driver or devices.


VISA: (Hex 0x0) Operation completed successfully.


I am wondering to know if there is a problem with Adlink card or there is a problem with LabVIEW.

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The Adlink isn't a NI device, why would you think that NI-VISA driver would work for it????

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Thanks for your answer.


So, why I could comunicate with this card and device with windows xp? There was no problem in that windows.


And one thing more, Adlink announces that this card is fully compatible with industrial VISA ( and the same things happens in using NI VISA, there is no problem with NI-VISA, it recognizes and communicate with card, but 488.2 does not!

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I cant look at your VI right now. You're not trying to use GPIB functions are you? That would not be correct for a non-NI board.

Do you have Tulip support enabled in MAX?
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Yes I have enabled Tulip Support in MAX and I am using GPIB Write and GPIB Read Function. But these functions work properly on other computer.

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Sorry, but that makes no sense. The LabVIEW GPIB functions are only for real NI hardware. If you managed to get them to work on another pc, I can't explain why. Take that up with adlink. You should be using VISa, even with NI hardware. There is not many reasons to use the low level GPIB functions.
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Really appreciated for your answer.
But can you explain why I can perform the querry *idn? In visa interactive control without any error, but in MAX my device is not recognized?
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MAX uses low level GPIB functions, not VISA. MAX is a utility for NI devices so you should not expect it to work for other vendor's products.
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Thanks for your patiece Dennis,


I got the point you've provided. But my problem is still as the same. I understood that I should not look for my device attributes in MAX, but why I can not see my device session in the list of "Session in" in VISA Open command in LabVIEW. I restarted the system many time, Uninstalled and Installed the NI 488.2 many times, either I did the same thing as indicated in this post:


But non of them took action.


Again thanks for your time.

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I'm a bit confused. When I asked you, you said you were using GPIB Write/Read. Now you are saying you are using VISA in your VI? I'm also unsure what NI-488,.2 has to do with an adlink board.
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