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Error 1386 with ThorLabs camera

I've been trying to use LabView 20.0.1 to control a ThorLab CS235CU camera. I pulled a VI and its supporting DLLs from ThorLab's program files, but after putting the DLLs in the proper folder and making sure everything was 64-bit, I keep getting error 1386 (screenshot below). I tried running labview as an administrator and tried creating the labview.exe.config text file recommended here. However, both these solutions didn't stop the error from occuring. The error occurs at step 2 (TLCameraSDK) through 4 when running with highlighted execution. I unfortunately cannot attach the DLLs to this post, as their zip is too large, but I've attached one of the thorlabs-provided VIs that I've been having trouble with.1386 error.PNGerror message.PNG

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Did you ever find a solution to this error?  I am experiencing the very same issue and I'm hoping you found a solution.

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I got it to work by entering the path to the library manually see screenshot



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I'm adding this in case others find a similar problem in the future. I had the same 1386 error attempting to use LabView 2023 64 bit to connect to a Thorlabs Zelux camera. I tried all the suggestions here and they didn't work. However, what did work was to make a different configuration file, the one suggested here. After this I was able to open and use the camera.

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