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Error 1073807339

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I'm working on connecting and controlling B2981A keysight
picoammeter through LABVIEW.
I have downloaded the LABVIEW from the NI site and it is an evaluation version
for 7 days. Thereafter, I installed the related instrument drivers for the
mentioned instrument. 
Now after I'm running the instrument driver by entering the VISA resource name
in the left upper corner of the control pallet window of LABVIEW, it is showing
an error message. 
I'm attaching the screenshot of instrument driver running (LABVIEW) windows
along with error message which is appearing there and also the NIMAX window
which is identifying the VISA resource name.

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You can open up the Initialize vi by double clicking opening up the diagram with Ctlr-E and look inside why there is an error.

Maybe it is still checking the name Agilent instead of Keysight?

Or something else happens.... 

Running the VI with debugging enabled gives a bit more information where exactly the error occurs.

Debugging can be switched on in the block diagram by clicking on the light bulb in the top of the block diagram.

2019-10-12 12_19_05-Untitled 1 Block Diagram.png2019-10-12 12_21_24-Untitled 1 Block Diagram.png

greetings from the Netherlands
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Thank you for the solution.

The problem is resolved by installing keysight connection expert. After it was installed the instrument driver recognized the Keysight B2981A. 

I don't know what actually worked.

If you have time kindly explain what actually worked here. I need to understand that.

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Did it know also work in LabVIEW?

You probably installed a low level USB driver by installing keysight connection expert.

I never use the connection expert but sometimes it helps as you experience shows.

My solution was to check what exactly goes wrong in the initialize function and then try to solve that.

So no don't mark my solution as the solving one, you did solve it yourself.

greetings from the Netherlands
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Yes, I think keysight connection expert is a USB driver because Error 1073807339 is generally related to the type of wired connection from instrument to the laptop/desktop from which we are controlling the instrument. 

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