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Error 1073807302 with Agilent E4980A LCR meter

I am trying to communicate with Agilent E4980A LCR meter through Labview. But i am getting an error saying "Error 1073807302 Unable to start application because setup is invalid". Yesterday it was running fine.

GPIB card is from Keithley and is visible in NI MAX


In the attachments it can be seen that the instrument is also seen by LabView. But then why am i getting that error

Computer is also not communicating with any other GPIB connected instruments...



Thank you 

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KPCI-488A is not supported by NI-MAX. (different company)
See link below.(Since KPCI-488A is old, it is unknown whether the following link method can be used even today.)
If you are using the E4980A, I recommend using USBTMC or LAN (VXI-11) connection instead of GPIB.

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