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Driver for F250 MkII Precision Thermometer by Automatic System Laboratories



I'm intrested to use a driver for F250 MkII Precision Thermometer.

Manufacturer is Automatic System Laboratories.

I don't see it in Your manufacturer list.


Can You give me some hint how can I communicate with this instrument?


Can I use similar code as for Keithley 199? (Using GPIB Clear, GPIB Status, GPIB Write...)


Thanks, Kristina.

And have a nice Christmas!

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Most of the details are going to come from the manual for the instrument. For general instructions, go to the Instrument Driver Network and look at the "Learn to Build Instrument Drivers" section.


You should not use the low level GPIB functions. Current drivers all use VISA.

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Hi Dennis.

I've read manual for my instrument and commands arre very simple. But my problem is to scan a instruement.

I'm getting:Instrument Not Found.

I've read similar problems ybout it, but have no solution.

I've even updated my NI-DAQmx and it lasted for whole day.

Can You help me with this issue?

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DAQmx has no bearing on this situation. DAQmx has to do with data acquisition boards, not GPIB instruments. Thus, in your case it's completely unnecessary.


As for your issue, do you actually see a device at the instrument's address in MAX in the list of GPIB devices? There may not be any identification for it since if it's an older instrument it may not support the standard *IDN? query that MAX sends out. If you do not see any instruments in MAX then you may have a bad GPIB cable. Check your connections. Also, make sure you verify the instrument is set up to use GPIB. Some instruments have multiple connection types, but some have only one active at any time. This would be specified in the instrument's manual.

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Yes, I see under Devices and Interfaces -> GPIB0(GPIB-USB-HS) whith Primary Address 0.

I can run Measurement and Automation in Administrator Mode where I can change Primary Adrdess to 3 which is my instrument address.

When I select Scan for Instruments, I get Instruments not found with yellow sign.

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I also Connented another instrument with same GPIB card to my PC, and also got Instrument not Found.


Also, in my manual for Precision Thermometer says:

All commands must be delimited with a line feed character (ASCII 0A

command string sent to the F250 must be the line feed (LF) character.


Are EOI and EOS same as LF? BEacuse in MAX I can only choose EOI.

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The address of the controller should never be changed to match an instrument's. It has to be dffferent. That is GPIB fundamentals. So is understanding EOI. It is not the same thing as LF. It is a control line and LF is part of the string you send. It is also possible to change it in MAX but not really relevant to not finding an instrument. Fix your mistake with the addressing and retry.

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Hi. My collegue solved my problem. We opened Precision Thermometer and RS232 modul wasn't connencted with flat inside. 😞

It could be that in transport just jumped from socket.



Hear you, Kristina.

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