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Download data/data logging Keithley 2636A

Hi, I have a GPIB-HS+ cable connected to a Keithley instrument, 2636A. 
I am trying to 1. download a data trace from the instrument buffer. 2. do some real-time sampling from the instrument to LabView on my computer. 


I understand that the sampling limit in real time with LabView (when you're not just downloading data but doing real time data logging) is limited to 5 samples/second (or sth), is that correct and has anyone found any way around it? 


Secondly, I use this program to attempt a download from the instrument 2636A buffer to a CSV file, but it doesn't work. Are there any suggestions as to what I should edit to make this work?  It's a simple program and it should download whatever data is already in smuabuffer1. 



Thirdly, for the real time data logging program, I am trying to edit the resistance measurement example for 2636A. I want to put the measurement block in a loop (for loop or maybe a time loop) instead of triggering the instrument in a loop. Am I on the right track? And how do I store the values that I am getting into a buffer in labview (before I write to an excel file)? 

Thank you very much! Any help/guidance is appreciated as I am very new to labview. 







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