Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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Do you have a Lab View driver for the MTA Optical Attenuator from JDS Uniphase

Part Number: MTAS7-1114SC1 I am developing code in Lab View to control instruments that are in a rack, and the Optical Attenuator is part of the instrumentation that I have to control, but I don't have a driver for it.
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Have you looked on their website? I have attached 4 vi's in a zip file that i used to talk to a JDS HA9 optical attenuator. Far from being a driver, but it may get you started. The supported commands of the two units should be close but i'm not promising anything.

Good luck,
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I'am looking someone who has a Labview Manual for HA9?
Full command list of mnemonic is contained in manual for HA9 ? So You can use this mnemonic to communicate with HA9..
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attaching the manual
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