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Digas 4000


In our university project  we have to measure emission rates via AVL Digas 4000.In order to control sampling and  purging time we know that we must use AK protocol but we don't know where to find examples or how to start? Is there any  source for AK protocol or vi?We are new at this job and we need help

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After searching for an instrument driver for the Digas 4000 I have come up empty handed.  It appears that some have created LabVIEW drivers for similar equiptment and posted on the ni forums.  I suggest asking AVL for the commands required by the Digas 4000.  once you have the commands you should be able to controll the device in LabVIEW, C#, C or whatever language you want.  


relevant links:       page 17 bullet 2             These guys might know specifics about the command set.       Mathew-B seems to have come to the same conclusion.

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