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Different device scan result between windows and mac

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I have a USB device and controlled it from Windows 10 without problem.

In NI MAX of Windows, the device is identified as ASRL instrument,

and I configured in pyvisa-based python code baud-rate, stop bits, etc as described in the device manual.


When I connected the device to mac ( macOS 10.15.7 Catalina ),

mac version NI MAX recognized it as USB raw device,

and the python code returns an error message in setting baud-rate that does not compatible with usb raw device.


In mac Ni MAX visa test panel, *IDN? query result is displayed after several clicks of read button.


both the computers have the newest version of NI MAX.


Is there any way to make the device recognized as ASRL instrument in mac?



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If you could describe more about your "device", you might get more help.


ASRL typical means your device is detected as a COM device i.e., a Serial port implemented by a USB-Serial convertor chip inside your device. Typically, for most common USB-Serial converter chips Windows comes with drivers and is hence auto-detected.


It is possible that you may need to explicitly install drivers on Mac or worst case, your USB-Serial chip does not even have a driver for mac and is not supported on Mac at all.

Soliton Technologies

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The device is DS102 step motor controller by Suruga Seiki.

It has only USB port for connection with computer.

I tried to install FTDI USB-Serial Driver 1.5.0 found in,

but the installation failed.

Driver version 2.4.4 was installed, but DS102 was still identified as USB raw.

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Accepted by topic author jason71

Do you know if your motor controller is compatible with Mac? it would be best to check with the manufacturer about what drivers are required for use with Mac.

Soliton Technologies

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I asked to Suruga Seiki, the manufacturer of the controller, about the issue.

The answer was that they didn't expect mac user would use it, thus windows environment was assumed. and have never tested under mac os.

They even refused to offer information about USB serial conversion chip in it.


I decided to return to windows 10.

Thank you for your advices.

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