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Difference between PCI GPIB card 778-032 and 777158-04



A supplier is proposing me a software with a PCI GPIB card 777158-04.

As I already have a PCI GPIB card (reference 778-032), I'd like to know if this one would be suitable. The supplier can't give any guarantee as he hadn't tested this card.

Would could help me finding the difference between these 2 GPIB cards?




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I'm not seeing anything for 778-032.  Is it an NI card?

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Hi crossrulz,


Thanks for your message.


Yes, it is a NI card.

With MAX, I found that it was a PCI-GPIB card and yesterday, I called NI that told me that the reference was 778-032 according to its serial number...



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The 778032 is in fact listed on the product page on the specifications tab. It appears this is the part number for the currently shipping GPIB-PCI card. The 777158 is also listed there. Your vendor appears to be using an older version. I've been using NI's pci cards since they were first released (though I tend to use USB more these days) and I don't recall any issues with any of them. I can't imagine you would have problems with using the current card. In my experience, issues have been more often related to the version of NI-488 that is being used.

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Hi Dennis_Knutson,


Thanks for your answer.

I went through the link you sent and found this



It seems that NI PCI-GPIB card can have several references number... It seems these cards are similar and that the only difference is the drivers versions...



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