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Device does not show up in VISA resource name list or MAX

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I have an issue with my R&S HMP2030 power supply.I have it connected to the PC via a USB cable. I selected the USB mode on the device panel and installed the drivers supplied by the company. The problem is, that I can not see the device, or any USB device for that matter, when I try to select the VISA Resource Name. The deice does not show up in NI MAX either.

I tried using the NI VISA Driver-Wizard to make a driver but even after I made a certificate and signed it windows(8.1) would not accept it. I just got a message saying an error occurred, with no details as to what that error was.
What am I doing wrong? Could you please help me.





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I am not sure why you feel it necessary to use the NI VISA Driver wizard.


Their driver supposedly creates a virtual com port.

I suggest you talk to them.



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Hi there,

I’ve found a similar problem encountered by another member with an R&S HMP power supply. The solution in that case was to configure the virtual communication port (VCP) to recognise in MAX. It should be activated if you look under the branch – Ports (COM & LPT). Your device should read something like – HAMEG HO720 USB Serial Port (VCP). The link is included below:

See if this gets it working. Let me know the outcome! If that doesn’t work, we’ll try something else.


William C

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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Thanks for the reply. What you both said was correct I needed to enable the Virtual COM Port option in the driver settings menu. The trick was to disconnect the device afterwards and when I reconnected it it started working.



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