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Daqmx causing STM Virtual com port to disapear from device manager.

I have come across an issue where by installing  Daqmx to run a USB-6001 device is causing a connected (USB to serial) STMicroelectronics Virtual com port to disappear from device manager.


If i disconnect the USB-6001 the STM VCP to return.


All Devices are connected to USB3 ports on an intel chipset.


I am running this on a dell latitude from around 2015 running windows 10.


any help on this is apricated.



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Hi Turricann,


Have you seen this article on COM port issues in Windows 10? It may be that you need to manually enable the virtual COM port driver and then reconnect the USB-6001. Or it could be that you have to assign a COM port to the USB device which falls in the specific range of COM port identifiers for that device.


Hope this helps!


Best regards,
Grant M

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