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DMM6500 Statistic Measurements Average

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I'm trying to use Labview to perform a few Voltage, Current, Capacitance measurements. I do seem to have the basic communication [Ethernet VISA] working, but I think I might have a sequence of operation or settings miss match. LabviewTestingComm.pngI'm interested in the the average value for the measurement. I think I might be getting just the instant value instead the moment. [Average of sample 1]. [min/max values are exactly the same I don't think that should be the case]


I would appreciate any tips on how to set up my test-sequence or what I'm missing doing wrong. 



When using the meter in local mode I can select continuous measurement and things seems to display correctly, but when using remote controlling [LV] it seems to be require a trigger [section 5 of the manual



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I think I solved my problem. When using remote you need to define the COUNT of how many samples to take. LabviewTestingComm2.png

Count when not specified it seems to default to 1. 

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