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Cryocon 24c connection over RS232

Can anyone give me some information?

I want to control a cryocon 24c temperature controller using labview. A NI USB-232 cable was used to connect the instrument. NI-serial configuration and runtime were installed in my computer. But when I used the cryocon 24c driver ( download from ) to communicate with the instrument, it reported an error in initial VI.  I further communicated with the instrument with NI-MAX, no response was received from cryocon 24C. I tried to talk to cryocon 24c over LAN, it worke.




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This might be caused by a couple of issues. I'd like to get more information from you regarding the issue so I can understand what to look into.

1. Do you have NI-VISA installed? If not, install it and see it resolves your issue.

2. Do you have the following driver installed? Cryogenic Control Systems, Inc., Product Download Area (
Most third party hardware manufacturers require a specific driver for LabVIEW to work with their devices.   

3. What is the error code and explanation that you are getting?

Let me know.


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  Thank you for your suggestions!  I have checked the list that you provided. 

  Both NI-VISA and cryocon instrument driver are installed on my computer. And here are screenshots of the error code when running my "cryocon connection check" VI and the download initial VI.

vi-error.JPGInitial error.JPG

I tried to communicate with the cryoncon 24C over LAN using the same "cryocon connection check" VI. And it worked.

Here is the error code when I tried to communicate with cryocon 24C over RS232.


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I see. Ok so, now we know that VISA isn't able to communicate with the device.

Something might have gone wrong with your VISA, so the first thing I suggest doing is uninstalling and reinstalling it.

While you try that, could you please tell me the version of LabVIEW that you are using?





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