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Core dump GPBI 488.2 on CentOS 8


the installation of NI4882-17.0.0f0.iso from the NI homepage worked and no errors were displayed.

But when starting the GPIB explorer, these error message is shown:

Fatal Internal Error 0x90FFFA4E : "AppEntryPoint.cpp", line 86
LabVIEW version 15.0.1f7
You will lose any unsaved work. For assistance in resolving this problem, please relaunch LabVIEW, or contact National Instruments.
Aborted (core dumped)


Is ther any actual version of the 488.2 software which supports CentOS 8?

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The driver of 17-th version might be incompatible with LV15 version. Try to install the 15-th version of that driver or upgrade your LabView to 17-th version

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