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Controlling Eurotherm 2404 and keysight B2981A simultaneously through LABVIEW on single VI

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I want to control Eurotherm 2404 and keysight B2981A  simultaneously through LABVIEW via single VI.

Instrument drivers of both instruments have been installed. Both instrument would be operated simultaneously and the data acquired from them are related to each other. Therefore, I have to control these instruments via single VI and the measured data would be on single control pallet window of LABVIEW.       

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Accepted by abhinav1988

so start with building simple test programs to test each instrument separately.

Then start integrating them in one vi.

greetings from the Netherlands
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The instrument driver of Eurotherm 2404 is not NI certified, however, it is controlling the eurotherm controller via RS232 connection. Therefore, are there is any other NI certified instrument driver available for the same model? 

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It doesn't have to be certified, just as long as it does what you need and doesn't cause errros you are good to go.


Post code (*.vi) if you get stuck or need help!


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Error: 1073807339

I have integrated the instrument drivers of keysight B2981A and eurotherm 2404 in single VI with some modification. As mentioned before I have to collect data of both current and temperature simultaneously as they are dependent on each other. I am attaching the VI code here which I have tried to develop. While I am running the VI, the keysight picoammeter is running but eurotherm 2404 is giving a error of 1073807339. 

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