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Contec GPIB cards and Linux

I am currently using Contec GPIB(F) cards for a number of different
testers. I am interested in running Linux on the PC that the test
equipment is hooked up to. Does any one know if the Contec cards are
compatible with NI488.2 driver that exist for Linux??

Any related info would be greatly appreciated!

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I am looking for setting up a GPIB board under
Linux. The board is a National Instrument NI488.2
PCII, and I am running RedHat 6.0 Linux
distribution (kernel version 2.2.5-15).
I tried to install two drivers, one from the Linux
Lab Project (linux-gpib2.05 at and another one from
National Insrtument (nigpib-linux.0.4 at
They are both supposed to work under linux 2.2.x,
but the installation failed in both cases at a
very early stage (for the llp driver, the
compilation fails, an for the ni one, the loading
of module /lib/modules/
Was anyone succesfull installing a GPIB driver for
a similar board (PCII) under linux 2.2.x ? What
driver did you use ?
All comments
and advices are very welcomes !


Vincent Voignier

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