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Connect to climate/temperature chamber in LabVIEW


I'm sort of new to LabVIEW/a student and during my internship at a company I got an assignment to develop a remote control interface for the Weiss WT3 climate chamber for their tests. I'm using LabVIEW 2014 64-bit.

My previous experience in LabVIEW has been using the NI USB-6211 for remote controlling power supplies with analog voltage control and that is a bit more straight forward, I think.

Anyone with experience in this area that has any VIs that I can take a look at?


Here are some of the things I'm unsure of

  • How to connect it physically? There are Ethernet, USB and RS232 connectors as far as I can see
  • Use the bundled software with LabVIEW or only use LabVIEW?
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You would use whatever physical connection you want/that the chamber supports. A brief look at their web site says rs-232 is standard with other others as options.

Your second question does not make much sense to me.

If you have the manual, please attach it. I don't see it on their web site for download.
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Thanks for the reply.

Sorry if the question doesn't make sense. I'm trying to articulate myself as best as I can (english is not my native language).

What I meant was that the oven comes with some software bundled with it to control the chamber via Ethernet, and I was thinking whether or not I am supposed to make LabVIEW communicate with that software (internally on the PC) or I should focus on somehow communicating with the chamber directly from LabVIEW.


I have succesfully used the application for remote controlling the chamber (although it does its job poorly, and has a lot of problems)


Unfortunately I'm not certain the manual is even available as a digital version anywhere. I know I've search a lot on the Internet for it, but without results. I only have a hard copy in the lab.

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Controlling an exe can be difficult unless it has a published interface such as ActiveX. Since it doesn't do what you want, controlling the chamber directly from LabVIEW sounds like a better option. There are TCP/IP functions that you can use. This all assumes that the protocol for reading/writing is documented on the manual.
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If you are looking for a pdf version of the protocol for rs232, please find the attached.

I can comminicate with the device(wt180/40) from labview. I am using rs232 interface to communicate to the device.

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sorry. forgot to attach the file. 😛

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Since you say that can communicate, your problems are solved?
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I am looking for the same solution you can help me if you have found the solution

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I'm looking for Weiss Chamber SB2/1000/40  LabView driver too

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Did you contact Weiss already?

greetings from the Netherlands
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