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Communication with LPM01A power consumption measurement board



ST offers a power consumption measurement board which can measure very small current: 1nA .. 200mA



My Question: Is there a LabView driver for this board? Has anybody implemented the communication in LabView or heard about?

(It needs communication over USB VCP (Virtual COM Port) with 3,6MBit/s.


It can be used stand-alone but can also be used as an instrument, controlled by commads.


Document about communication with the board:




Implementations with the board:


Python implementation script:


Python and C implementation of tests:


Eugen Wiebe
Bernstein AG
CLAD - Certified LabView Associate Developer
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Hello Eugene,


I have read all the tables, datasheets and documentations for the X-NUCLEO-LPM01A but found nothing about LabVIEW. I even requested information from Digi-Key Electronics (they also sell this board), but they were also unable to answer about connecting using LabVIEW. 😐

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Hello Mr. Genius,


in LabView you simply open Serial Port which is from the board

with these Parameters:

Serial COM port configuration of USB-VCP (main interface):
– Baud rate: 3.6 Mbit/sec (3686400 bauds)(a)
– Data: 8 bit
– Stop: 1 bit
– Parity: none
– Flow control: none



And send the commands as written in


e.g. "volt 3300m" as written on page 22




Eugen Wiebe
Bernstein AG
CLAD - Certified LabView Associate Developer
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