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Communication LabView with Keithley 27XX by GPIB - VISA

Hi Everyone,


I have a communication problem between LabView, and my device Keithley 27xx, I will show some screenshots, I have tried to fix that communication which works at VISA Test Panel, and Keysight Connection Expert, but when I try to run an example by NI the communication fail.

May you help, Please!!!

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you chose GPIB016keithley in LabvIEW and ASRL1 in the visa settings.

Did you try to select something predefined with the triangle to the right of GPIB016keithley?

Do you have a gpib connectio or a serial connection. Did you select the same type of interface on the k27xx?


Just a few questions before we can understand and help you better.

greetings from the Netherlands
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Hi Albert,


Thank for your attention!

I guess, I have configured everything, I took some screenshots about your questions. If I missed something, please let know.

My connection is by GPIB.

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Sorry to say that I missed the real visa name GPIB0::16::INSTR is the real name of your connection.

That is a correct name.

You say that you can communicate with  VISA Test Panel, so the communication should also work with LabVIEW.

Which vi, from NI do you use to communicate?


greetings from the Netherlands
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Hi Albert,


I didn't discovery what was going on exactly, but I put GPIB0::16::INSTR as a constant and the program started to work correctly.

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