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Clearing RS 232 between VI's

Hello, I have a question about clearing RS232 lines.  I am using a RS232 serial switch in an automated test setup to switch between transmitter units under test.  The switch will set the RS232 line to units 1-20 then send data to each unit to command transmissions, readback FW settings etc.  I made a VI to run the switch, and I am using a different VI to run the communication to the transmitter.  My problem occurs after I run my VI to the transmitter.  Once this VI is run, I can no longer use the RS232 line for anything other than this VI. I tried using VISA clears, and Re-initialize all to default approaches into the start of other VIs, but nothing works.  I do not have a lot of knowledge about serial communication to begin with, so right now I am stumped about how to "clear the line".
Does anybody have any ideas/solutions?
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Have you tried VISA Close to close the port and free it up for other programs?
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Ahh, I did nt see the "advanced visa" options.  it worked perfectly, thanks a ton 🙂
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