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Chroma load 6330x



Has anybody programmed Chroma Load 63302 model using LabVIEW before?


I dont have much difficulty in getting started with the instrument & communicating with it using RS232.


But today I encountered a small problem. It has in total 4 channels. When I tried to load it using the Chroma Load, Channels 1 & 4 got loaded fine in the first run itself for CC mode. But Channels 2 & 3 got loaded in the first run only sometimes; sometimes they required a second run of the VI (which took quite a long time before it stopped) to make them load in the CC mode.


Also, there is a switch L/R (Left/Right) for appropriate channel selection to load on the Chroma panel. But I didnt find any driver VI to control this option. Does anybody have idea how to do this? I dont have the hardware command manual to look for the proper command. As far as I looked into the driver VIs, the commands seem to be simple for almost all the functions. If somebody can guide me with a proper command for this option, that will be fine too.


Appreciate your help in advance...

- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2021 🙂 )
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I found out one more thing - the VISA Resource Control lists out more COM ports when the actual number present in my PC is just one.


I could not understand the meaning of the numbers in brackets.


Please see the attached snapshot. If somebody can explain, it ll be very much helpful to understand things more.

- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2021 🙂 )
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Hello Partha,

     I recommend that you contact Chroma and see if they support the instrument drivers that are available on their website.  One possible reason that you might have more COM ports listed in the VISA Resource Control is that some of your USB devices might be shown as "virtual COM ports".  After looking at your screenshot, it seems the reason that you have multiple instances of COM1, is that you are not closing the references and they are remaining open, and therefore being displayed in the control.







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