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Cannot launch visaconf because Can't find library and failed to initialize

I am installing NI-VISA on CentOS7


Download Linux Device Drivers:


Install in Terminal

unzip unzip
sudo rpm -i ni-software-2019-
sudo yum list available | grep "ni-software" | grep "visa"
sudo yum -y install ni-visa


After installation, I try:

cd /usr/bin


Can't find library
Make sure this library is installed in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH
search path, or in /usr/lib64 failed to initialize
Verify that nipalk.ko is built and loaded.


Please advise if there is anything else that I need to install.
Aborted (core dumped)

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As usual, no answer from NI 😞

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Hi all!

I have the same issue on CentOS Stream and the latest linux driver package (


Searching the internet doesn't gave much more than this thread. Was anyone able to resolve this problem or could point me to some resource?


Any help is really appreciated!


Best regards from Germany


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Have you searched your entire hard drive to see if it is there.  I have been fighting problems on Ubuntu with the runtime.  I ended up fixing the runtime problems by creating symbolic links in the /usr/lib64 folder to the places where the runtime was installed.  I wouldn't think you would need to do this on a supported Linux distro though.  

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I just had more or less the same problem (only the libni part).

But I have this problem only when I'm using the RTE, not the full LabVIEW.


I just copied the links and library from one PC to the other and I don't have anymore the error.


--> I attached the libraries in the tar file, it needs to be untar from / (and via root user of course).


Those files comes from 2020 version.


I don't have the problem with libnipalu anymore, but I had it in the past.



CentOS Stream is not supported by LabVIEW, I'm quite sure that the kernel is too recent.

ni-visa works on kernel 4.12.14 openSUSE Leap 15.1.

I had some problems with ni-visa on CentOS 8.

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