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Can' t recognize NI cRIO 9039 in NI Max

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In my setup i have a communication between a Variable Frequency Drive and a PC by CAN/USB communication , and some readings of values between PC and a NI cRIO 9039 (via USB). 


Last week i had a shortcircuit in the Variable Frequency Drive and due to the bad isolation the PCs communication port died. Now, i have another computer and when I connect the NI cRIO device it says that USB device can't be recognized. 

I've also tried NI MAX program but it doesn't detect the controller.


I don't know if this issue is generated because some drivers are missing or because the cRIO USB port migth got burnt.


Any ideas what can be?


Thank you

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To be able to communicate with a cRIO, your computer needs to have the CompactRIO driver software installed.


Depending on what other software you use to access the cRIO, you may have to install a specific version of CompactRIO.


You could try to connect your cRIO-9039 through Ethernet instead of USB. If it can be found and recognized that way, your computer has the necessary CompactRIO software and the possibility of a damaged USB port is very likely. But before you can find the device (or a different cRIO device) through Ethernet, I would first make sure you have CompactRIO properly installed.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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