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Can different 488.2 boards that need different NI driver versions coexist?


Here's the setup:


I need to have two 488.2 GPIB boards operating under Windows 98SE. One of the instruments requires its own separate GPIB board, and the only NI board that works with it is the AT-GPIB.


I have one each AT-GPIB (181060-01) and GPIB-PCII/IIA (181065-01) boards. The AT-GPIB requires version 2.71 software (for Win 3.x) with Compatibility software ver 1.20 . The PCII/IIA requires version 1.70 .


Both setups work fine when installed separately.


Is there any way to get them working at the same time? Can the different driver versions coexist?


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Unfortunately, the operating system will only allow one driver to be installed at a time.


Out of curiosity, why does that instrument require its own separate GPIB board?

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That's kinda what I thought. Thx for confirming.


The software expects all interrupts and service requests on its GPIB to be from its own hardware. It configures the card to turn off serial polling.


Is there an easy way to choose between GPIB card configurations at startup? That would be one possible workaround.

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