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Can Keithley 590 CV analyser be used as LCR meter?



Can someone tell me if the Keithley 590 CV analyser be used as a LCR meter in the sense that a frequency scan can be done?


I need to do a frequency scan using the 590 CV analyser but only two static frequencies are available on the meter, which are 100 kHz and 1 MHz.


Thank you.

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The 590 is an ancient and simple CV meter, and its not capable of doing frequency scans but only reading CV at two distinct frequencies; 100kHz and 1MHz.


You should consult the manual here for full details -


Keithley doesn't seem to make modern stand-alone LCR meters, but Keysight does -



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Hello Craig,


Thank you for your reply.


Yes, I did look into the manual and I didn't find anywhere if it can do frequency scan.


I am actually trying to measure interstrip capacitance of silicon sensors and I can't seem to figure out how to do the frequency scans.


I'll have a look at the LCR meter you recommended, thanks

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