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Can I use a sub cam on CRio 9049?

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hi all,

I'd like to get continuous image from USB cam(intel REALSENSE) that is connected to the USB port on CRio 9049.

But I don't know where I can get image (I/O node, or something).

I've seen previous forum(, but I cannot find webcamera support of crio 9049.

I'm new to FPGA, so if you need more information, please tell me.

Thank you for your attention.

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I suppose you'll be able to get image on RT target not on FPGA target. Please check it. I don't think there is I/O node for camera on cRIO FPGA target. 

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Hi, vardanium.


Thank you for your reply.

I understood where I should grab the image.

Now, I can use the usb port on cRio, and run host program on cRio.


Again, thank you for your kindness!


Best regard,


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